HomeBuyer Rewards Programs

HomeBuyer Rewards works like Credit Card Rewards programs.  When you use your credit card to make a purchase, the price is the same as the cash price. 
The merchant then pays a fee to the credit card issuer, which the credit card issuer shares with you in the form of points, cash back or other rewards.

These programs are also known as “loyalty rewards”.  The credit card issuer rewards you for your loyalty because each time you use your credit card
you generate revenue for them.

HomeBuyer Rewards is also a “loyalty rewards” program.  For your loyalty, our unique programs reward you with a credit towards the purchase price
of your home, cash back or other rewards.

HomeBuyer Rewards and similar programs significantly reduce the cost of buying a home.  The United States Department of Justice approves of
and encourages brokers to offer rewards and rebates to real estate buyers.  According to a report by the United States Department of Justice,
rewards programs such as cash rebates make buying real estate more affordable. more...

Homebuyers can save thousands of dollars –  see how much....

We provide 3 different levels of service to fit your individual needs

Service Provided


This is the way to get the most back -as much as 1.5% just by simply being your own agent.

*Contract Required


We will represent you with our basic plan. You have our professional team behind you and you save 1%

*Contract Required


We are your agents and provide you with full representation. You get total peace of mind and a full team at your service.

Cash Rebate 1.5% 1.0% 0.5%
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Calculate Your Rebate using the US Department of Justice Rebate Calculator